Ten Approaches to Generate Traffic Fast!

I am now assuming that your web site is finalized and there is some informative writing / pictures.  Next all we will need to do is advertise and ensure people are aware you are in business.

Let’s move on to the actions you can take to market the web site + generate links from other sites.

Experienced marketers know success hinges on search terms.

Always have your search phrases. The keywords would be found visibly in the writing / pictures.
Of course the keywords should be the searches your target market need more information about, but don’t just go for the obvious search terms…think outside the box and go long tail.

Use the phrases with your keywords:

Keywords must be located in your text plus anchor text will be what your target market have been looking for. The search terms should be in the meta title, your meta description, header tags, and any other meta content. Targeted terms the visitors have searched for when they are searching for you.

Now to the Title, Keywords, and Description- These are the three important meta tags you’ll find in the code of all web sites. Use search terms in these tags. The title should contain keywords. Place the most important search terms in the first half. On the search results your description is the excerpt that appears search results pages. Descriptive does not mean long – keep it simple.

Let searchers instantly know the focus of your site. Make sure it’s short otherwise Google could shorten it.
Introducing your site to the search engines. You should allow search engines discover a site naturally.
This is done by getting good link placement. DMOZ entries are will do the trick. Exchanging links. Let search engine index the website plus add to your visits by sharing links with web masters.

Use a ‘resources’ page for external links.
Directories. Look for these sites related to the business of your site. Find a spot that seems logical to the company site.
A newsletter might be useful to gaining an audience. If it’s weekly daily people will visit at regular intervals.
Press releases could be another way that should be used to attract an audience. There are many places designed to accepting these.  Don’t forget even in the internet age word of mouth will be one of the vital marketing tactics!

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